What we do...

Custom calendars consolidate external events and meetings that matter most to your organization.  These individually designed and curated calendars create a valuable, competitive resource, which clients can leverage cross functionally, from R&D to Corporate Affairs and from Marketing and PR to HR and the Executive Suite.  Learn more at https://services.iloveseattle.org

We are reinventing the community calendar and proving the business model here before expanding to other cities.  Check it out at https://events.iloveseattle.org

Before covid, this program raised over $150,000 for local nonprofits, charities, and community-building organizations.  We are preparing it for relaunch and public beta in December 2021.

Many advertisers are over-investing on national platforms and in programmatic media while under-investing in, or simply ignoring, local.  We are working to change that with an easier way purchase media from local, independent publishers.

We are developing a remote distribution calendaring system for children with forgetful parents still living independently.