Take your calendar to the next level

The dearth of events during the pandemic did a number on the calendar section of websites across industries, communities, and time zones.  Are you looking at your organization’s website calendar and asking tough questions?  Call us.  We know calendars.

Online calendars come in dozens of shapes, flavors, sizes, and prices.  It can be daunting for a manager, business owner, or nonprofit volunteer to consider all the options and to make the best decisions concerning the platform and editorial strategy for a website calendar.    

Considerations to take into account when publishing a calendar for your organization’s website include quantity of events, look and feel of calendar, technical sophistication of those who post the events, website platform (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Drupal, etc), security requirements, and more.  We can help you navigate the journey for a successful mission. 

Our company is agnostic when it comes to calendar platforms.

We have experience working with dozens of calendar platforms and plugins.  We work with you to determine the best solution to accomplish your goals, to meet your deadlines, and to fit your budget.  If your existing platform functions well and just needs some TLC like re-formatting, then we can do that.  If your platform needs to be replaced or built from scratch, then we can help too.